Spring Quality Conference canceled due to health concerns


Healthy Employees are Quality Employees

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Healthy Employees are Quality Employees

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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

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6:00 PM

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Ninette Warner.

Ninette Warner is a nutrition student pursuing a master’s degree in nutrition, dietetics, and sensory science to become a registered dietitian through a distance program at Kansas State University. During her undergraduate career, she worked with children with autism on social, emotional and life skill development. Here, her interest in the healing power of food was peaked after witnessing the drastic improvements made by one child after changes were made to their diet. This helped lead Ninette to continuing her education in the field of nutrition. She recently worked as a nutrition assistant at a Head Start preschool where she not only did fun hands on cooking/nutrition lessons with the children but gave presentations to parents and teachers on healthy eating habits across the lifespan. She had the privilege of giving a gardening presentation (another passion) to childcare workers through the New Jersey Department of Health. Ninette seeks to help people develop a better relationship with food, focusing on making individualized and sustainable improvements in client’s food choices and eating habits. Making gradual nutrition changes can lead to major improvements in all aspects of your life!
Land & Sea Restaurant 20-12 Fair Lawn Ave Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 (201) 794-7240


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