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Taguchi Design of Experiments

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Taguchi Design of Experiments

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DFSS (30) HOUR COURSE – Includes the Principles of Taguchi Design of Experiments (DOE)

This course will investigate and teach the student the practical uses of DFSS, with emphasis on the production and service environment. It includes problem solving, process correction and product design.

DFSS is synonymous with DOE (Design of experiments) or ‘off-line quality control’ as Taguchi so aptly named it, is a natural extension of statistical process control (SPC). This course will emphasize interactive Taguchi DOE methodologies for the comprhensive DFSS applications.

DFSS is a critical component of six sigma and lean manufacturing. It assists the student to find process inputs that are really important to insure a high quality product at the lowest cost. Taguchi DOE is intended to be used at the product design stage as well as the production stage. Some of the topics to be covered are:

A discussion and review of the Taguchi’s definition of quality and its relationship to DOE will serve as the mantra to the course. The purpose and scope of DFSS will be reviewed. The experiments analyzed will provide results, such that each step of performing a DFSS experiments emphasizing the most critical steps. T he class will learn to use linear graphs and the importance of graphs, in general, and more.

Students will be able to work and start designing as well as implementing experiments. Note: They should bring a statistical calculator.

Class is intended to be a 30-hour course. The course topics include:

Introduction to DFSS
Orthogonal Arrays
Steps in the DFSS/DOE process
Setting up for DFSS/DOE
Conducting the DFSS/DOE
Analyzing the results
Triangular tables
Hybrid designs
Signal-to-Noise Analysis
Class Schedule: Courses are offered regularly throughout the year.

NOTE:This class is scheduled only when we have a sufficient number of students interested. If you want to attend this class, please let us know by clicking on the “Contact Us” button and submitting your contact information.

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