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Cybersecurity For Complex Engineered Systems

Name of the event :
Cybersecurity For Complex Engineered Systems

Date :
Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Time :
6:00 PM

Speaker Name :
Paul Renky

Address of the location :
NJIT, Newark, GITC Bldg. Room: 2305

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Cybersecurity For Complex Engineered Systems With Edge Computing and QMS (Quality Management System) Integration and Real-time Feedback Controlled Quality 4.0 Design and Implementation Challenges and Solutions in Hi-tech Digital Factories (NJIT Makerspace)
  • Organized and presented by Professor Paul G Ranky, MIE Department, NJIT, with NJIT Makerspace Colleagues and NJIT Students. Following this ASQ tradition, this Fall we are pleased to offer technical quality-focused presentations and take our attendees to the new NJIT Makerspace, a $18 million hi-tech facility, to demonstrate quality principles. During this event we’ll focus on how companies should focus on their cybersecurity systems, QMS, edge computing, on the digital quality transformation journey supported by sustainable human error prevention, detection and error elimination principles, methods, tools, technologies and workflows. Very exciting topics, that have lots of cybersecurity, Quality 4.0 and other aspects, and can save huge amounts for any organization! The advanced, computer controlled design, manufacturing, 3D printing, additive manufacturing and quality principles, methods, tools and practical examples presented are applicable to almost any factory, organization / business.
  • Program (live event!): 5.50 to 6.00 pm: ARRIVAL in GITC 2305 Lecture Hall, NJIT, Newark
    6.00 pm: Welcome and Introduction to the program (Dr Ranky)
    6.10 pm: ASQ Section Leaders Introduce ASQ and the Sections, and Discuss Section NJIT Student Chapter Interaction Opportunities +Q/A
    6.30 pm: Cybersecurity For Complex Engineered Systems With Edge Computing and QMS (Quality Management System) Integration (an interactive multimedia presentation by Dr Ranky)
    7.30 pm: BREAK: Pizza and Refreshments 
    8 pm: Real-time Feedback Controlled Quality 4.0 Design and Implementation Challenges and Solutions in Hi-tech Digital Factories (An interactive presentation and hands-on tour of the NJIT Makerspace, Dr Ranky) +Q/A
    9 pm: CLOSE
  • The NJIT Makerspace is a new, hi-tech, large educational and research facility. It serves students and faculty in all NJIT majors, with plans to include in its user-audience high school students from NJIT’s vicinity as well as activities for professional workforce training. NJIT’s Makerspace focuses on hi-tech manufacturing and houses an impressive assortment of industrial manufacturing, production, and prototyping equipment. Students and faculty have access to Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining centers, computer controlled industrial metrology equipment, 5-axis CNC water jet, wire Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), manual metalworking equipment, electronics assembly equipment, additive manufacturing / 3D printing, laser cutting, robotic workcells, and a full complement of hand tools and power tools. In NJIT’s Makerspace, students, faculty members and industrial collaborators have access to an unmatched assortment of state of the art equipment and training resources, which will drive the facility to become a campus hub where students, faculty, and industry gather to collaborate, build, design, innovate, invent, test ideas and create new businesses too. 
    All above fits well into the NJIT ASQ Student Chapter’s mission statement: ‘Create novel quality methods, tools and technologies, that leads us towards zero defect!’
    Attendance is free. Pizza and refreshments will be offered for free too. All welcome! Max. capacity is 42, therefore sign up early please following usual section procedures (pls. do not sign up via emailing Dr Ranky).
  • Please note, that we all must follow Covid-19 / NJIT and CDC Guidelines: Please note, that these guidelines can change any minute. Ref.:  https://www.njit.edu/pandemicrecovery/variables-operational-change
    DATE, TIME & PLACE:   October 5, 2021, Tuesday, 6 pm to 9 pm at NJIT, Newark, NJ, Newark, GITC Bldg., Room: 2305 (Please note, that we’ll meet here at 6 pm, and then tour labs. too. (Please enter the date to the Calendar of Events Template, as 6 pm to 9 pm.)
    Parking is in NJIT parking facilities. Please inform Professor Ranky (ranky@njit.edu) if you need an NJIT visitor’s parking permit for this evening. (Pls. note, that parking is limited, therefore pls. let us know your plans asap.) This is the NJIT map link, including parking:
    https://www.njit.edu/campus-parking-maps?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI0eLNlOHx8QIVdcmUCR2ljArYEAAYASAAEgKVEPD_BwE Professor Ranky will arrange parking for you and then NJIT will email you and let you know which parking lot you can use (there are many…pls. see the map).
    REGISTRATION: Please send an email to our Arrangements Chair: Koshy Sachariah koshy.sachariah@outlook.com Please do not email your registration to Dr Ranky (unless you are one of Dr Ranky’s NJIT students) Attendance is limited to the first 42 Registrants.
    LOOKING FORWARD seeing you on October 5, 2021 at 6 pm at NJIT, Newark, NJ!
NJIT, Newark, GITC Bldg. Room: 2305


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