Bob Pennella Inspector / Technician of the Year Award

This award is on hold at this time

ASQ North Jersey helps to promote quality
involvement in non-managerial positions by awarding Bob Pennella Inspector/Technician of the award to a deserving candidate. This award comes with a professional recognition and a financial award of $500 Any inspector or technician can nominate themselves or they can be nominated by someone else. The only requirement is that the applicant performs as a quality inspector or quality technician in the position at least 50% of their time.

Each applicant must complete an application 
form and answer the questions listed

Applicants will be judged by the following criteria:

On the job knowledge and abilities

  • General knowledge and abilities: 
    inspection, test, calibration, audit etc.

  • Defect prevention and failure    

  • Data recording and measurement techniques

  • Cost reductions, as applicable

  • Statistical applications, as applicable

  • Any other pertinent information related to job 

  • knowledge and abilities

On the job interpersonal relations as 
well as cooperation with

  • Peers

  • Supervision/management

  • Data recording and measurement techniques

  • Other departments and/or teams

  • Customers (as applicable)


  • Help and guidance to manufacturing/service 

  • Mentoring peers in lower classifications and/or 
    other departments.

Professional Development

Types of certifications held (CMI, CQA, CQT):

  • a.) Technical papers presented

  • b.) Technical publications

  • c.) Teaching any technical courses 

  • d.)Completion of any technical courses, quality 
    seminars, and/or specialized training

  • Any other pertinent information relating to the 
    candidate’s professional development (college, 
    trade school, involvement in ASQ activities, etc.

Recipient of this award are further nominated for Inspector of the Year award presented by Inspection Division of ASQ headquarters. For additional information please reach out to us by clicking on the “Contact Us” menu.”